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Rimonabant (also known as SR141716, Acomplia, Bethin, Monaslim, Remonabent, Riobant, Slimona, Rimoslim, and Zimulti, Riomont) is an anorectic anti-obesity drug. It is an inverse agonist for the cannabinoid receptor CB1. Its main avenue of effect is reduction in appetite by creating a full or satisfied feeling.

Rimonabant may also be found to be effective in assisting some smokers to quit smoking. Rimonabant reduced resumption of cocaine-seeking responses triggered by two of the three most common triggers of relapse in humans, priming and cues. It may also reduce ethanol- and opiate-seeking behavior.

By the successful cooperation with Medical Research Institute, this new developed Vaporable Rimonabant which have the same characteristic and the same effectiveness as the original Rimonabant. Now you can loose your weight or help you on smoking cessation and addiction by smoking. Thisamazing smoking alterative is unique in the world. You can not find any where.

Purity: ≥99.8%
Alias: SR141716, Acomplia, Bethin, Monaslim, Remonabent, Riobant, Slimona, Rimoslim, and Zimulti, Riomont;
Molecular Formula: C22H21Cl3N4O.HCl

Molecular Weight: 500.25
CAS: 158681-13-1
Systematic (IUPAC) name: 5 - (4-Chlorophenyl) - 1 - (2,4-dichloro-phenyl) - 4 - methyl - N - (piperidin-1-yl) - 1H - pyrazole - 3 - carboxamide

You can select your E-Rimonabant with the Cartridges for E8/U8, the Cartridges for E9/U9, the Cartridges for E9m/U9m, or the Cartridges for E11/E-Cigarillo/eGo(s). You can also select the E-Rimonabant Liquid and put the liquid into your own E-Cig cartridges. You can also select E-Rimonabant with or without nicotine as you like. You can select 5 diffrent bottle volumes: 4, 8, 30, 50 and 200 ml.

E-Rimonabant -- Vaporable Rimonabant for E-Cig:


The density of Electronic Cigarette Liquid E-Rimonabant is 20 mg of Rimonabant per ml of E-Liquid. Do not take the E-Rimonabant excessively. For your dosage of Rimonabant, please consult your doctor. You may get some side-effects when using Rimonabant. However, our clinical report shows that our vaporable E-Rimonabant has less side-effects than the oral Rimonabant. Store E-Rimonabant at a cool and dark place. E-Rimonabant can be used for men and women over the age of 18. E-Rimonabant is not for children.

Clockspeed 10ML, 30ML, 60ML, 250ML, 1000ML
No. of Cores Vegetable Glycerin, Best I (50VG+50PG), Best II (30VG+80PG), Propylene Glyco
Description 6MG, 12MG, 18MG, 24MG, 36MG, 48MG

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