Bulk E - Liquid

The fluid that fuels an electronic cigarette is referred to as E - Liquid, or e Juice, e - cig liquid, ecig liquid, e cigarette liquid, electronic cigarette liquid etc. We are offering numerous different E-Liquid Flavors. Each flavor can have four different E-Liquid Bases: Vegetable Glycerin (VG), PG400, Best Mix (VG+PG400). Each flavor can also have six different nicotine densities, so that there are numerous different E - Liquid / E - Juice for your choices. We are hoping that you can always find whatever E-Liquid you want at zenithecig.com with the best prices of the world. You can select whatever E-Liquid you want with your ordering Starter Kits, Cartridges, Cartomizers or E-Liquid products. E - Liquid with the best E - Base, E - Flavorings and E - Nicotine materials to ensure you the maximum safety without toxicity risk. There are always some items to meet your personal needs. All the electronic cigarettes can be refilled with the E-Liquid according to the instruction: How to Refill E-Liquid.

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